Carrier Network Services

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Serving More Than 30,000 Locations

Blackfoot Carrier Services empowers network partners to meet their customers’ demands by delivering advanced voice and data solutions. Our redundant fiber network is connected to multiple Tier-1 internet providers and reliably carries service to over 30,000 locations.

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Our Carrier Network Services

carrier wavelength


Wavelengths provide a flexible, optical transport solution including private wavelength services such as encryption. Bandwidth ranges from 1 to 100 Gig.

carrier ethernet


Ethernet provides high availability, low latency and scalable bandwidth up to 100 Gig for a host of data, voice and video applications.

carrier fixed wireless

Fixed Wireless

We deliver point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multi-point (PTMP) connectivity via microwave radio. This is a rapid deployment and often less costly alternative to fiber, while affording the same service level agreement (SLA).

carrier construction


Improve business and carrier connectivity through the installation of fiber optic assets, including underground and aerial plant placement with easements, permitting and right of way (ROW) project management.

carrier nni


Network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) extend the signaling and management of your network by leveraging an interconnection. 

carrier engineering


Our engineering consultative services are centered on the design, implementation, expansion and optimization of a LAN or WAN.

carrier regional backhaul

Regional Backhaul

We provide connectivity links for the transport of network traffic to a data center or major point of presence (POP). Regional backhaul can be provided via fiber optics or fixed wireless.

carrier dark fiber

Dark Fiber

A “future-proof” asset that offers scalable and flexible transport network management. Cost structures remain predictable with increasing bandwidth demands.

carrier cellular backhaul

Cellular Backhaul

Leverage Ethernet, microwave or dark fiber services to a cell tower or other carrier assets. Bandwidth currently ranges from 100 Mbps to 1 Gig. Includes short haul, mid-haul, and long haul solutions.

carrier ip transit

IP Transit

Utilize Blackfoot Carrier Services' regional multi-gigabit network for protected IP transport.

carrier private line

Private Line

Realize additional security without encryption by means of a PTP or PTMP data transmission service.

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